Jade Lady Meditation offers weekly classes, weekend workshops and private sessions. Our classes include Qigong, Meditation, Tai Chi Chuan, Daoist philosophy and meditative healing techniques. We also offer classes in Odissi Temple Dance (Yogic Dance) and Fusion Belly Dance. Our dedicated practitioners continually assist in the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of our students and clients.

Heal from Within

  "As a dedicated practitioner of the Daoist way, it is my honor to guide others on their path of self-cultivation." -- DaoShima Susan

Walk the Path of Self-Cultivation

"In 2015, after teaching Meditation and Tai Chi for 20 years, DaoShima Susan opened her own Studio in downtown Anchorage. Using Daoist principles, she fosters a sense of community with free Community Tai Chi every Saturday, free Community Meditation every Sunday and a free monthly Movie Nite. I have been blessed to have DaoShima as a teacher and mentor. My life has taken a wonderful new direction since I began my personal cultivation practice. If you’re looking to explore the holistic benefits gained from Tai Chi, Qigong or Meditation you must seek the Jade Lady." - LaoShih Holly Kelty


Community Tai Chi

"DaoShima Susan is one of four teachers I've had in eleven years of practicing T'ai Chi. Working with her inspired me to become a teacher myself. She has so much knowledge and shares it in a way that brings out your own innate abilities. She asks a lot of you and gives you the confidence to achieve it." - Richard Rainery, Founder of Rainstorm T'ai Chi La Peñita, Nayarit, Mexico


"DaoShima is an excellent instructor, whose teaching experience and knowledge of Qigong is evident. By simply practicing one or two Qigong movements with my clients, I notice an immediate difference in their mental relaxation and focus. I highly recommend her (Qigong Teacher Certification) course." – Robin duSaint, Certified Personal Trainer



“DaoShima Susan is a compassionate teacher who has an intimate understanding of the struggles of her students. She is an excellent guide on the Way.” - Shima Kathi Remsen, LMT