JadeLady-12_CoverShot2Jade Lady Meditation offers weekly classes, weekend workshops and private sessions. Our classes include Meditation, Qigong, TaiChi, Daoist philosophy and meditative healing techniques. We also offer classes in Aroma Dance Therapy. Our dedicated practitioners continually assist in the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of our students and clients.

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Heal from Within

"As a dedicated practitioner of the Daoist way, it is my honor to guide others on their path of self-cultivation." -- DaoShima

Walk the Path of Self-Cultivation

"Using Daoist principles, we foster a sense of community with free Meditation & TaiChi every Saturday and Sunday and a free monthly movie during the 'darker' months. I'm blessed to have Jade Lady Studio as a place to recharge my energy. My life has taken a wonderful new direction since I began personal cultivation practice. If you want to explore the holistic benefits of Meditation, Qigong or TaiChi, seek out the Jade Lady Studio." - LaoShih Holly Kelty


Community Tai Chi

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